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Specialty Services

We would like to welcome you and your child to our pediatric dental office.  We specialize with patients who have special needs, including cleft lip and palate, Down’s syndrome, epidermolysis bullosa and prader willi.  

We also provide general anesthesia services at The Children’s Hospital Denver.  Many of our families utilize combination procedures with our medical colleagues, so that their child’s dental treatment can be completed at the same time as other necessary medical treatment, such as ear tubes, tonsillectomy, or eye procedures.

In efforts to provide a comprehensive medical/dental team, our doctors strive to communicate with our patient’s pediatricians, cardiologists and other specialty physicians throughout their preventive care plans.

Dr. Meredith is currently providing molding plates, which aid our cleft lip and palate patients in placing parts of the palate in good alignment.  This helps the surgeon to perform the lip and gum surgery at the same time and  improve the shape of the nose.

 Nasoalveolar Molding

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