Post Operative Care


If your child had treatment with a local anesthetic it is possible that the tongue, teeth. lip and surrounding tissue will remain numb after you leave our office. Be sure to keep a close eye on your child and make sure that they do not play, chew, or scratch the numb area. These actions can cause minor irritations or they can be severe enough to cause swelling or abrasions to the tissue. We recommend a soft or liquid diet until the anesthetic has worn off.

If your child had preventative sealants done they can eat or drink right away. There should be no discomfort, if your child feels like their bite is off or is chewing uncomfortable please be sure to call our office.

If your child had a topical application of fluoride they can eat or drink right away, just nothing boiling hot for four hours at least.

If your child has had one or more teeth extracted we recommend that the gauze stays in place with biting pressure for about 30 minutes. This will reduce the amount of bleeding. It is absolutely okay to give your child the appropriate dosage of Motrin when you take the gauze out (no aspirin). Your child should only feel discomfort for 12-24 hours, if discomfort persists after 48 hours please give our office a call. We recommend that your child have a soft diet for the first couple of days. We don't recommend drinking from a sippy cup or a straw for the first few hours as this will encourage bleeding. We recommend gentle brushing around the extraction site along with salt water rinses (1/4 teaspoon to a glass of water) to aid with discomfort. Swelling after an extraction is not uncommon and should not cause alarm, ice packs are recommended.

If your child had treatment under general anesthesia plan quiet activities. Your child may be uncoordinated or confused for up to 24 hours. Your child's appetite will return in 12-24 hours, when your child is ready to eat begin with foods that are soft. Stock up on clear foods such as broth, apple juice, and jell-o.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to call us!

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